I Have a TOSHIBA Sattelite P25-S262 Laptop, And When I boot the System, I Get a Bunch Of 0's Across the screen, It's like the matrix in here!
When there was an installation of windows on there, it loaded into windows fine but the bit depth was only 16bit, If That. and It had no driver support.

Now. here's the weird part. If I try to format with XP Or Lower, I get Zero's and Other Random Letters/Numbers On the screen. But With a Vista Format//install I get No problems, It installs just fine. But this system has no driver support for Vista. and i still get the 16bit color.

I WANT to say it's the bios, Becuase XP has a Command/bios based install, and it has issues on that, but Vista is a GUI based install, and it shows no problems. Maybe I'm Right, Maybe I'm Wrong.

I'm Desperate here For Help, Because this is my only system Left, and i need it for school. (photography major) I'm writing this on my Ipod Touch at the moment.and this isn't a viable platform for school

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hello ,doing a search on you model number turns up nothing ,how old is the laptop and are you sure that the model number you posted is correct .
also you need to go to manufacturers web site for drivers for motherboard and sound and video ,as most are not in the windows install.

Computer Club members here had LOTS of problems with High End Toshiba Laptops with
Initial VISTA roll-out OS. ALL Video Driver
Problems and not yet resolved!!!
Vista Capable/Vista ready NOT the SAME!!
This is now subject of LARGE class action .

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