i recently bought a new motherboard to replace one that had died for my friends uncle. he bought a new computer and decided to give me his old one. this was a good deal for it has 1 gig of ram, nice all in wonder video card and a Athlon XP 2800. Well once I hook everything up and it gets going, install windows and what not.

So i goto My Computer, goto properties to look at the computer name and how fast im going at. To my amazement it says im runing at 1.243 gigahertz:eek: . At first I thought maybe the uncle replaced his cpu for a slower one and kept the good one. So i took out the cpu and looked it up online, which I thought i did already to get the right motherboard, which is hard to find a decent cheap one being Socket A. So I went to AMD site, looked at model number and everything, and I was right, it should be running at 2.083.

:idea: So my question is, why is my processor, AMD Athlon XP 2.083 running at a 1.2 processor speed? I tried looking in bios but was unable to figure it out. I read in another post that someone had the same problem with a laptop, except it was a pentium-m cpu. Im losing 800 Mghz here and Id really love to fix this. Any help would be great.

Take a look at the trouble-shooting guides for both the motherboard and the cpu. There are fixes for most problems of this nature. It is usually a setting or a pin-out. You may have to spend some time tracking down all the options in the on-line manual, but I suspect it has been operating improperly since it was installed wrong when new.

srry to leave this open. ITS SOLVED.

someone somewhere else knew exactly what was wrong. Somehow my bios settings were set wrong so I changed a setting or 2 and it now works! Been so long tho i forgot what I changed. But alas its solved!

Cool n Quiet?

yep exactly what i was guna say :) the BIOS can underclock your processor so always make sure to set it at defaults otherwise processor will be underclocked

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