I Flashed my BIOS for my ASUS P5E motherboard from the initial BIOS to the 0607 update.
After a successfull Flash and rebooting, the second time I rebooted, the computer would not POST.

Reseting the CMOS (removing and re-inserting the battery) works, and the computer posts, BIOS loads (asks me to press F2 for defult settings), OS loads and computer works fine. However, the next time I reboot, the computer again will not POST. Again it is fixed by simply reseting the CMOS. I've tried this several times (safe mode, normal mode etc.). I get the same pattern:

1. Won't POST
2. Reset CMOS
3. Boots up normally, runs well
4. Reset my computer
5. Won't POST...

Any ideas?
Any other relivent information I need to include?


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You are not alone my friend. I too have experienced the same problem with the P5N-D Asus motherboard. The only difference between me and you is that I did not update my BIOS. This problem occured for me after restarting my computer after installing a Norton update. Should i try to update the BIOS? I dont believe it will help, but I'm open to any suggestions.


one advice my friend, never update your bios if your computer is working correctly


That's great advice, but seeing how my computer won't properly post, I decided to ask. Any other advice on how to solve my problem? Reseting the CMOS everytime is becoming a pain.

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