I was trying to install Windows XP in my Gateway Notebook Model MA7 with SATA Drive but it comes out with the message Hard disk not found while there is active HDD ditected in the BIOS setup. I have done all I can in the Bios setup but to no avail. It install Windows Vista allright but I do not like Vista. What do I do to install XP in it. Furthermore, All effort to access Gateway Website for probably BIOS upgrade drive failed. I need help.

The SATA drive has some drivers that XP doesn't recognize. You'll have to have a driver disk and then use it during the first part of the install. This will solve the problem. If you don't have the drivers, you'll have to download them from the vendor website and put them on CD or floppy. When it doesn't find the HDD, there will be a choice to use a 3rd party driver disk.