how do i find out what exactly what type my motherboard is (so far I think it is an intel something) so i can replace it as we have had a power cut and the pc powers on cpu works, harddrive works but nothing on screen no post and one green light on cover otherwise no beeps. I have looked on manufacture site I have a HP D330 desktop any ideas welcome thanks

Use system monitoring application. I recommand Everest Home Edition. Download it and run, no need to install either. It gives all the information about your system.

How do i run it when pc doesnt even go into post

if the pc does not post u cant run the program, open the case and look on the mobo for the name.

Sorry for misunderstand.

As bobbyraw says, open the case and find the main chip-set. Mostly name of the manufacturer are printed on it.

the name should be on the edge or close to the cpu. or if u can tell us the manufacturer make and model and product number we can do a search for u,

I've seen it mostly on either north bridge or south bridge chip. As bobbyraw says, name or the logo can be there.

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