I have a generic 17" VGA monitor that i got (assumingly brand new) from a guy about 3 or 4 years ago. Lately, it would become extremely bright, as if the brightness knob were turned up all the way, and then some. i tried to adjust the display settings on the monitor, and also on my video card (GeForce 2) but nothing worked. after a while (like a week maybe) my monitor just returned to normal. this happened about a month ago, and now it has just happened again. can anyone help me?

I had something similar once, though not identical, which was traced to a poor connection of the monitor cable at the PC. Yours might be something quite different but it's worth checking.

I used to have a problem with my LCD where after it was on for awhile, the pixels would start flickering bright and grainy. It turned out to be related to the A/B switch that I was using to hook the monitor up to two PCs.

...poor connection of the monitor cable at the PC....

well, i unplugged my monitor cable from the back of my vid card, and screen was still just as bright, so it must be my monitor itself and not my connection or video card.

...so, does anyone know how to fix this, or should i just get a new monitor?

It might be the refresh rate? Check up with your monitor's documentation and see what the appropriate refresh rate and supported resolutions are. I doubt it though.

yeah i tried messin with that stuff before. the refresh rate didnt have any effect, and i dont have any documentation for the monitor. maybe i'll just resort to smacking it until i get a better picture....

The info about the refresh rate/documentation is usually found as a .pdf file at the monitor manufacturer's website

I have a generic 17" VGA monitor that i got (assumingly brand new) from a guy ...

i dont know the manufacturer :( there arent any markings or logos on the monitor whatsoever

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