Me and my cousin brother share our 'vc++' documents within our LAN.As we live closely and our isp and lan is the same , we had no problem doing it and sharing files from the file and printer sharing port.But, recently , it seems that i can share files but i can't browse ie6 or sign in on msn.I can ping with my default gateway too..what is the problem ?I tried changing the configuration of a notepad file to stop my pc getting automatically connected to my cousin's pc but that doesn't work either... :eek:

You do know sharing like that leaves you exposed and vulnerable. You should set all your passwords (at least while offering shares) to atleast 20 characters (alpanumeric at all cost).

Yeah I know.But there's less chance of intrusion into our lan for some reason.That's not important.I just wanted to learn what is the problem and how to change that...I have set up an administrator password but that's not important either.It's about being able to use ie or messenger...

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