please can someone help,
ive just got my laptop back(which is a Toshiba satellite L300D) off my brother who was using it while ive been on holiday, now when i turn it on its asking me for a current password...im assuming this is the bios password..he swears down blind he hasn,t done anything to it,,is there any possible way of solving this as my original password just wont work..thanks for your time


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after doing some research on your problem. it seems that the only way to clear a BIOS password for your laptop is to take it in to a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider.

also depending on the age and model of the laptop and the version of BIOS you have on the computer. its possible that there may be a problem with the BIOS and a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider can fix it at no charge to you.


hi stephanie, try to take out your RAM...power it up without the RAM.. and then turn it off again..leave the machine withou the ram for about 2 mins...then put back the RAM power it on again..check whether the CMOS is clear..

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