please help!
i just joined this forum today and i've been browsing for a while, trying to get help and see if i can solve this by myself, but i have no idea what most of you are talking about.

i keep randomly getting a blue screen that says:


it will show up in the middle of me using the computer, sometimes when i'm downloading something or other times when i'm playing a game (i've tried to play the sims 2 three times and i get this message each time about two minutes into running the game). then my computer restarts and my computer tells me it has just recovered from a serious error. the error code is:

BCCode : 100000d1 BCP1 : E2a430b4 BCP2: 000000FF BCP3 : 00000000 BCP4 : FF84F1BF OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product_1

then it says the files that were included in the error log are:


i have windows xp, i don't know what else i need to tell you about the computer, i don't really know what kind of processor or anything. but if anyone knows why i'm getting this message or how i might fix it, i'd really really appreciate it.


i reposted this in the proper forum now. sorry bout that.

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This problem can be caused by a damaged pagefile or bad sector that the pagefile is mapped to or faulty RAM module. Try removing the pagefile, rebooting and then creating a new one. Also, have your memory tested, either with your vendors tools or with something like memtestx86.

This code usually indicates that the system tried to access pageable memory and could not or an error returned when it attempted to do so. I have had at least one case where a faulty RAM module was causing this and other stop codes.

thank you sooo much for your help, i'll definitely try those.
well, first i'll test my memory, because i don't know what a pagefile is.

but thank you for responding, i really appreciate it.

Pagefile is the system's swap space. Windows uses a swap file to swap pages of memory to disk. It does this when physical memory is low and for pages that have not been referenced for a certain amount of time. To remove it, open Control Panel > System then click on Advanced tab then the Settings button under Performance Options then click the Advanced tab. Under the Virtual Memory section click the Change button and then find and click in the No Paging file button then click Set. Click OK to dismiss all windows ignoring any warnings. Reboot and then repeat the steps to re-create a pagefile that is 1.5 times your installed physical memory. Make sure the minimum and maximums match i.e. if you create a pagefile of 1024, put 1024 in both boxes. If you have a second hard drive, create the pagefile on that drive.

i removed/replaced the pagefile, but that didn't work. i'm now going to try to test my memory, although i'm doubtful i'll know what to do with the information. i made it 1.5x the suggested size for a pagefile is, but could the problem be that i still didn't make the new pagefile big enough? i wasn't sure if it should be 1.5x the entire memory capacity of the computer, or just the suggested size, or the size of the virtual memory, or what. but i don't think that should matter, because the reason i redid it was incase there was an error in it, right?
either way, thank you for your time.

A pagefile is not absolutely necessary although some applications may not work correctly if it can't page anything. I think Java is one of them. So whatever you put in is fine and usually 1.5 times the physical is norm. It used to be physical memory + 12 in the NT 4/2000 days.

Regardless whether the memory test come through, you should also look into making sure you have the latest drivers for all your hardware and also make sure Windows is updated.

I had similar problems on my home computer with random reboots as well.....a bios update fixed all the problems......

Being that this is a DRIVER_IRQL and not just a IRQL then I would say that the problem with this is a driver issue. Did you change any drivers/install new hardware recently?

According to, this error means:

Stop 0×000000D1: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL - This Windows stop error indicates that the computer tried to access memory using a kernal process which had a IRQL that was too high (as kernal processes can only access IRQLs that it is either equal to or IRQLs that less than it). This is usually caused by incorrect or incompatible drivers.

Hope it helps.

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