The other night I put my Dell Inspiron 1501 on hibernate (it was plugged into A/C adapter and wall) and went to sleep. When I woke up the next day, I went to use it and it wouldn't turn on. No lights, no fan noise, nothing. The AC adapter is brand new and the green light is on so I know it isn't that. I think it might be my battery. I looked at the light strip on the battery and one light is on (which I read means it is charged less than 20%) and when I hold the button down it I get 4 lights (which I read means the battery is pretty worn down). I don't want to order a $100 battery and find out that it isn't the battery at all. What do you guys recommend? Thanks!!

P.S. Yes, I have tried taking the battery out an putting it back in.

You have to do more than just pull the battery out. After removing the battery, hold the power button down for about 20 seconds. Make sure the AC is unplugged as well. There should be no power connected to the unit. After 20 seconds plug the ac in and should boot ok. If so shut down unit put battery back in and charge.

This is a known issue with a lot of notebooks starting back in XP where the system gets "confused" when the battery dies in hibernation.

You are a lifesaver!! Thank you so much- it worked perfectly. I'm so glad I didn't go out and spend tons of money on a new battery! :)

When I press the power button nothing happens apart from the caps lock light flashes.Try take off battery and press 20 sec. on power nothing change. I try take off 1 ram ,and change ram position no success. Call dell service ,he said a have to change motherboard for $450.00.Anyone got any idea what could be the cause.

Ok this is from 2008 but I will post it for the records.
If your inspiron 1501 won't even start up (black screen from the time you power it up) do this.

1. Unplug the AC cable
2. Power the pc on with just the battery and leave it there in the black screen for 20-30 min.
3. Shut it down, then power it up again and that should solve the problem (it worked for me).

It could be a mobo/ac/battery problem, who knows.

Dell Inspirion 1501 not starting up. Black Screen! A lock with the letter a in it Flashing. Will not allow access into Bios with F2. Tryed the battery fix but it did not work. Solution anyone!

It's not answered, if we're runni g into a similar issue, but we're not getting the same results that the original question received. My Inspiron 1501 is giving me the same problem, I have taken the battery out, held the power button for twenty seconds, and.... Nothing. Tried the battery test method.... Nothing, now what?

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