Was working fine earlier in the day. I turn it on & it powers up (windows xp) gets to the page saying that there was a problem (start windows normally, last known good config, safe mode etc) have tried all of these but no luck. When i select one, I get to the windows loading screen, then a blue screen with white writing flashes for literally a split second, I cant read anything on it, as is disapears so fast. then it restarts it's self.
Pulling my ha#ir out, my entire web site & all work price lists on this lap top!


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if you've installed anything new on the laptop recently, remove it, try again. If you have the windows cd you could also try booting from it and trying the repair options. As a last resort try get the data off and look at formatting.

Thanks for the reply,
I havn't added anything new. I have just downloaded THE BOOT CD & WILL TRY THAT TONIGHT.
Fingers crossed!


Your data is probably safe. However you will need to "Mount" the drive in another machine so that you can extract your data BEFORE you try anything else.

The BSOD (blue screen of death) at the point described is usually down to either a memory issue, hardware failure or a corruption on you hard drive. Whatever you try get the data off first and then try other avenues including your local pc company.

Managed to sort the problem, I downloaded the UBCD & ran the program NT4 DOS & behold - all problems fixed! Just tryin to catch up on over a weeks lost hours! I did run a scan before this & I had two defective sectors, just bought an external HDD and backing everything up in case it all goes wrong again.
Thanks for ur help

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