Hi all. I have my p4 pc with Gigabyte MB that cant boot instead it beeps ( continuos short ones) and shows me a massage " CMOS checksum error _ defualts loaded "
and asks me to press F1 to continue or DEL to enter setup but I can't do so cos the k\b doesn't respons I mean it's working on another pc but on thes DEAD pc it doesn't work so i cant boot and log into Windows Pleaaaaaaaaas help me. i also tried usb k\b but it also didn't worked. sory for my bad language.
i'm wating for your responses. BYE

My PC is doing same thing except it boots up fine 1/2 the time. Sometimes I can push and hold down the reset button to get it to boot up. I might need to clean my registry with micro soft free program. Shade Tree

My suggestion: toss it into the trash can and get another computer. Or if you're the techi type you might try replacing the motherboard.

Is that the best you could do MR.Ancient Dragon. Any way thanks for your wise suggestion.

That error indicates that the checksum of CMOS is incorrect-.so the default configuration is loaded.
This is sometimes caused by a weak battery.
Check the voltage of the CMOS battery.
It may need replacing.

Thanks for the suggestion it might be a battery. I have never change the battery since I had the computer made custom 4 years ago. It's always worked find til now.
It's working now. Usually if it has the beeping I can hit reset button and that works sometimes. Usually I just come back a little later and it comes on fine. It work for the last 4 days after download service pack 3 and some other update that recognizes devices in my computer. I thought the updates was the cure til it started the beeping again this morning. Shade Tree

Hey Sparkax,
I'm going to replace the battery and see what happens. The time on my is correct. I thought the battery controlled that? The battery is four years old. It might be the problem. Will let you know. Shade Tree

The series of beeps can be memory or mobo. I dont know exactly if that can be of a bad CMOS but it wont hurt to try :)
So heres what You do: get a stick of RAM from a friend and try it in you're mobo.Swop it round in the RAM slots. If that fails to work than its most likely you're mobo Im afraid.

God luck

I might not have said but my computer has this steady beeping problem and dark screen only some of the time. Today it is fine, and recently I had a four day stretch when I didn't hear a beep. Could this be mobo or ram?

it still means that ram or mobo failure is in running out of life. Sooner OR later it might give up on you


Thers are 2 main reasons for beeping, if you do not see the post screen and there is beeping, then test the RAM. Sometimes the RAM comes loose for whatever reason, remove and reseat. If the beeping is after the POST screen and you are getting prompted to hit F1 to proceed, if it lets you proceed, boot the PC, while the pc is booted remove the battery and change it for a new one. The battery basically keeps the BIOS running if it is dying and it does not keep its setting you will get the F1 prompt. If you remove the battery while the PC is off, you will get prompted because the time and any custom settings you might have in the BIOS will be reset, after replacing the battery you can reset these settings. If after changing the battery and you still get that the BIOS chip might be on the way out and you will need to replace the board.

Hope this helps