Turned my laptop on and the first that happend was a physical memory dump. Now i turn my computer on and the battery panel is green and the display next to it is green ( which is supposed to mean computer is on and ready to use) but nothing happens, no display. When i turn the laptop on the hardrive light does not come on??????Any help would be fantastic. I have an IBM Thinkpad R50.

hi, have you tried to load the default settings on the BIOS? try it out and post back..

Thanks for the post - don't know how to get into BIOS, nothing comes up on screen at all. Have tried booting from xp operating disc and still nothing.... no display on screen.... Is there some way you can suggest to get into BIOS.

Onmost portables thre is a routine that may help.
1: remove the mains lead
2:remove the battery
3: there is usualy a reset button on hte side or bottom. It is a pin hole that you need to insert a paperclip end or similiar. and press lightly on an internal microswitch.
4: reassemble all and restart;

IT should work

if not try to
To get to the bios I think on the thinkpad you press ESC (but it may be F1 or DEL) as it starts (has to be done within a narrow time frame). If still nothing then you have a hardware problem!

if you got a memory dump error the first time and now your pc does not switch on anymore then i would suggest you try a different mem module! this should give you a pretty good idea of what the problem is? if the pc comes on with different memory then you know that you have to replace them! The reason why i think its the memory is because you say that the HDD light does not come on? This would be because the systems POST is not successful wich means it is not detecting the hardware correctly! let me know if this was helpful at all!

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