I have a laptop (Sony Vaio) running Vista, which has recently received a sharp tap (with fingertips) to the surface, just in front of the touchpad. It immediately froze and now, on start up, it displays ‘Windows Error Recovery Screen’, which then loads ‘Start-up Repair’, which runs for quite some time, meanwhile a pop-up appears, stating: ‘Your computer was unable to start…Startup Repair is checking your system for problems….Checking disk for errors..’

When Startup Repair ends, the message ‘Windows cannot repair this computer’ automatically appears. A click on the Problem Details tab brings up the following:

Problem Signature:
Problem Event name: Startup Repair V2
Problem Signature 01: AutoFailover
Problem Signature 02: 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6000.16386
Problem Signature 03: 6
Problem Signature 04: 131074
Problem Signature 05: BadPatch
Problem Signature 06: BadPatch
Problem Signature 07: 0
Problem Signature 08: 3
Problem Signature 09: WrpRepair
Problem Signature 10: 1117
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

I have also found the Diagnosis and Repair details, which are extensive and would require a lot of copy typing in this post. However, one significant item seems to be:

‘Root cause found: A patch is preventing the system from starting.
Repair action: System integrity check and repair
Result: Failed. Error code = 0x45d’

I can also access a ‘System Recovery Options’ screen, with 6 Options:

1. Startup Repair.
2. System Restore.
3. Windows Complete PC Restore.
4. Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
5. Command Prompt.
6. VAIO Recovery Center.

I do not mind losing the data on the C Drive. Indeed, if it eventually has to go for repair, I would like to find a way to access the folders to delete/wipe them. I have a lot of personal e.mails, docs, and family photos on it. I ’Easy Transferred’ these over from my XP Desktop recently, as a back-up.

I have also run VAIO Recovery Centre - Hardware Diagnostics (took approx 3 hrs):

CPU tests 1- 10 ‘OK – No error was detected’

Memory Access Test: ‘OK – No error was detected’

HDD Test:

Drive 0
Linear Seek Test: OK
Random Seek Test: OK
Funnel Seek Test: OK
Surface Scan Test: OK

And finally…. ‘No error was detected on this VAIO’

Then ran Hard Disk Verify and Repair with option ‘Fixes Errors on the Disk’ checked. It ran all night, and in the morning stated: ‘A problem was found (with the C Drive), and a repair was attempted but failed’.

I then tried Restore C: Drive. A pop-up appeared: ‘Your system is too small or may not exist. Select ‘Restore Complete System’ to perform a complete system recovery.’

I tried ‘Restore Complete System’ and this pop-up appeared: ‘OS not detected on the C: drive. Cannot boot into Windows’.

I tried ‘Windows Complete PC Restore’ and got a pop-up ‘An internal error occurred. The following information might help you restore the error: The system cannot find the path specified. (0x800700003).

I tried Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and got a pop-up ‘Windows cannot check for memory problems. A problem is preventing Windows from checking for memory problems during startup. Try to check for problems again by running the tool manually’.

I inserted Disc One of the 3 Recovery Discs (DVD RWs) that I made on installation. A system Recovery Screen appeared I clicked Load Drivers and got a pop-up ‘Add Drivers. Insert the installation media for the device and click OK to select the driver. ‘Setup information’ is defaulted in the ‘Files of type’ bar. I click OK and it opens System 32. I see a folder named ‘drivers’, so I open it, and there are 3 sub-folders, ‘en-US’, ‘etc’ and ‘UMDF’. Opening all of these brings ‘no items match your search’.

I tried ‘Windows Complete PC Restore – Restore your entire computer from a backup’. I get a pop-up stating ‘Windows cannot find a backup on the DVDs or hard disks on this computer. Attach the correct hard disk or insert the last backup DVD and start the restore process again’. I tried all 3 backup disks and it didn’t seem to recognise these.

I’m feeling pretty stuck here…………………………………

Thanks for ploughing through all of this.

When during the hand tap the hard drive was accessing your hard-disk, it has really clobbered your system and in your post i see that no os is detected, I have a post here in daniweb regarding hard drive problems, this is a classis case where in your hardisk has not landed in its proper landing-zone all your test were run during and after the problem with hand tapping but after the unit was shut down it cannot find your hard disk, replace the hard disk and install a new one .diagnostics program is only as good when the components are working but when the components gets a physical damage it doesn't follow the norms, diagnostics are nothing, specially if a hard disk sustains a physical damage for everything that run necessitate the use of your hard-drive.

Restore folders or backups are store in another partition or folders specially in Vaio, as with any other branded units but again this require that your hard disk start normally, but if has a physical problems like bad sectors or bad boot blocks where your restore files resides, your system cannot recover from this. I hope this detailed info will have help you GOOD day!

There has been a development! I turned the laptop on today and it is now making a clicking sound, as if a component is rotating and catching on something each rotation. It sounds like a fairly rapid clock tick. Any ideas what this could be?

Thanks for replies so far.

There has been a development! I turned the laptop on today and it is now making a clicking sound, as if a component is rotating and catching on something each rotation. It sounds like a fairly rapid clock tick. Any ideas what this could be?

Thanks for replies so far.

That's the sound your hard drive makes when it is about to die. You can equate it to gasping its last breaths of air, so quickly get all your important files off before it dies. If it has already stopped working, you can try freezing your hard drive to get a few more minutes out of it.


I have been sent a replacement HDD by the manufacturer, since the laptop is still under guarantee. However, I have to return the broken HDD within 30 days or pay £160 GBP ($320 USD). No way do I want this lot to have my e.mails, pics and letters. How can I wipe the old HDD before posting it back?