I bought a system with 3 SATA hard drives. Drive 0 is the main drive where Windows and all the files and other programs are. Drive 1 and 2 are in a RAID 1 array. They are supposed to be mirroring drive 0. That is the point. How do I know if they are mirroring drive 0 or not? I've never worked with RAID before. Maybe they are just mirroring each other? In which case they are not helping me at all.
How can I see what they are doing or not doing?
The application that came with the motherboard disk gives me some information but it doesn't tell me if anything is actually being mirrored. I looked at the user manual but I didn't see anything there that explains my question.
If they are not mirroring drive 0, then what do I do to make them mirror it?

To answer my own question; after some research I have concluded that the 2 empty drives are indeed mirroring each other and not the main drive. Currently attempting to rectify the situation without having to wipe the main drive clean after spending 30 hours installing programs on it..