my maxtor ext. hd which has been working well, has suddenly started to flash lights when connected to the power supply. The green light in the case is flashing and the green light on the power adaptor. The light is flashing fast and the icon is not showing up on the desktop.There do not seem to be any bent pins on the connector.
Has anyone seen this before.

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The specific model number of your drive would be a useful thing to inform us about. You should always include such detail with your question.'

The extra information could assist someone to research your problem and find a solution for you. They may not need to have the equipment or to have experienced the problem themselves ;)

I had intended to do this but the serial number has rubbed off the case sticker. What is left is pretty illegible but I think it is "972131514720". It is a maxtor ce fc. Another thing is that the light on the adaptor does not start to flash until I plug it in to the hd.

Am very new to this forum.

As I am now having the same problem was it ever solved.

New Zealand

Hi, yes I bought a new external enclosure, they are quite cheap now, and it worked again immediately. Connor

Spoke to maxtor. The blinking green light on the power cord is a problem with the external casing for the hard drive. Several of the posts talked about taking the case apart and connecting it to the pc to download information. I thought they were crackpots. After talking to the service tech on the website it looks like that is the only fix. So... based on all the posts with the same issue I may avoid this product line int he future. Hopefully it is truely a backup for you in which case toss the old one and buy a new ext. HD. If it isn't a backup take it apart gingerly, download the information, replace the hardrive. Maxtor tech support is pretty helpful.

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