My DH's laptop will not turn on. He says that when he plugs it in, it shows no power to the machine and that the cord gets very hot.

First he tried to tell me that he just needs a whole new laptop...UMMMM let me think ...NO!

Now he wants me to buy all new cords, and a battery, and...and...and...He has ZERO mechanical ability, even less computer knowledge and I fear that this will go south VERY quickly if I allow him to try to do anything to it. LOL

Please advise! Thanks!

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I am not gonna pay a fortune to be told I need a new cord...was looking for a "it sounds like the cord" or "you need a new power source" etc...


it sound like the power cord , maybe the power jack that connects to the motherboard ,you know the place where the adapter plugs into the laptop ,you will need to buy a new power cord ,or have a power jack soldered to the motherboard ,that better !
also whats a DH.
also i have a laptop that burnt the power cord tip[adapter got hot also ] and it was the power jack


ThanksY Caperjack, I will try a new power cord first .

(DH= Dear Husband)

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