Hoping someone can help me. I installed a 32bit pci sound card so that I could use the game port for my joystick and game pad....pc didnt have one. installation went fine and sound card works. the problem I'm having is that the game port says there are no resources available for this device...code 12. I look in the device manager and this is what is listed.
(isa) 0 system timer
(isa) 1 standard keyboard
(isa) 4 communications port (com1)
(isa) 6 standard floppy disk contoller
(isa) 8 system cmos/real time clock
(isa) 9 microsoft acpi-compiant system
(pci) 10 nvidia nforce pci system management
*(isa) 12 ps/2 compatible mouse
(isa) 13 numeric data processor
(isa) 14 primary ide cchannel
(isa) 15 secondary ide channel
(pci) 17 nvidia gforce4 mx intergrated gpu
(pci) 19 cmi8738/c3dx pci audio device
(pci) 20 standard enhanced pci to usb host controller
(pci) 21 standard openhcd usb controller
(pci) 22 standard openhcd usb host controller
(pci) 22 3com 3c920b-emb intergrated fast eternet controller

I have tried to disable the ethernet and pci to usb controllers but to no avail.....
if someone has something for me to try plzzzzzz message me

did you check device manager to make sure the game port drivers were install when you installed the soundcard