My monitor is making a sizzling sound from the back center of the monitor. It's a NEC FP1350X...Is this normal?

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No- that is definitely not normal, and may be indicative of failing electronic circuitry in the monitor itself.

I have a KDS monitor that sounds like that.
As long as it doesnt start smoking im not gonna worry about it.

As long as it doesnt start smoking im not gonna worry about it.

But if it does start smoking, you should definitely start worrying. :mrgreen:

"Sizzling" isn't exactly what you'd call a definitve technical term by any stretch, but when a monitor or TV is making that sort of noise it can often be indicative of arcing or other Bad Things going on with the flyback circuitry and/or other high-voltage areas of the device. Since "high-voltage" means tens of KiloVolts when you're talking about CRTs, and also considering the fact that the CRT tube itself is a giant capacitor which stores that charge even long after the power cord has been disconnected, I would highly suggest that anyone experiencing such problems not casually crack the chassis just to poke around in there...

I changed the settings to 100 hertz and the problem has since gone away. The only bad thing is I lost about 1/2" on the right side. :(. Thanks for your replys! I will watch for smoke.

Sounds like you were driving it a frequency it wasn't the happiest with. Glad you found a better setting.

Does the monitor itself have any sizing and centering adjustments? If so, you might be able to change those to get the rest of your screen space back.

It does, but it is all messed up on any other power settings and can only display 800x600 or 1024x768 without flickering. I think I'll pick up a new monitor in the next few months. I really want a 20"+ LCD but we'll see...

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