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I am going to build a computer with an amd 64. Can the drivers for this be updated?

There are no such thing as CPU drivers. There are drivers for the motherboard, the onboard features, and the internal cards you include in it, and of course they can be updated in the same way as you can for a system based on any other processor platform!

Sorry, but that link doesn't work.

That's just extra functionality offered by AMD to adjust the CPU speed and voltage based on processor load, saving power and lowering stress (ever so slightly) on the CPU. If you want to save what must be only a couple of dollars on the next power bill or a few years of life on a CPU that will be replaced long beforehand, go right ahead! I'd only worry about such things when using laptops or other battery-powered devices.,,30_182_871_9706,00.html

That must be it. Can't see what's wrong with the link though.

The driver mentioned there is a utility to enable a feature of the processor which Windows doesn't directly support - the feature that AMD calls 'Cool 'n' Quiet' technology. It's basically a feature which allows the processor settings to be dynamically reduced when the demands on the processor are not high.

Sorta like underclocking it when the going is easier ;)

The processor won't fail to function without it. It'll only cost you an extra dollar or two per month perhaps, on your power bill!


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