"How Do I Overclock A Video Card?"

How Do I Overclock A Video Card!!!!

I hear this question a lot. Not like the Motherboard where you overclock threw jumpers or overclock in the CMOS video cards can and now are a bit different. How do you overclock a video card you use "Software" Even more simple. Depends on the name brand but, most overclocking of Video Cards are done through Software. Simple answer and a simple solution.

Example: ATI's cards and nVIDIA cards are all overclockable using software some you cant but those are old cards. MOst video cards you buy today you can overclock with out a problem.

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How About I Say You Know Lots Of Shit And that you are never freaking on your computer .....lol ....anyways guy nice book you wrote there!!! 8)

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on one of my computers i managed to overclock a 32mb Asus agp card using smartdoc.
It went from 32 to 128 then it melted.
so pay attention to the "unsafe temp. sign"

nearly all ATI cards can be overlcoked using ATITOOL but dont overclock unless you are sure you can add extracooling to it or else it will melt

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