A lot of people over clock there systems. Most dont know that there hurting there system. Processor/Motherboard and Chipsets are all working extra hard. One reason you overclock is so your system runs faster.

Overclocking does not do much if your smart.
Instead of Overclocking.

*RAM Speed
*Hard Drive Speed
*Video Card Speed/MB
*Poweer Supply
*Most Important. (Operating System)

*If your using SDRAM or DDR or RDRAM
For DDR RAM use PC2100+ (256+ Minimum). SDRAM PC133+ (256+ Minimum). RDRAM (256+ Minimum)
*Have 5GB of free space minimum for your OS/Program Files. 7200rpm.
*Video Card make sure you get a decent video card there not much in price any more 100 bucks will get you a sweet one. 64MB Video Cards.
*300 watt Power Supply

If you have all that the most important thing is your OS. A lot of people who overclock are using shitty shitty Operating Systems. They use Windows 98/ME. Bad mistake that is why your overclocking because your shitty OS and it's not putting out what the OS should. If you have all that is listed and your using Windows 2000/XP or even UNIX/Linux/Novell you will see that overclocking will do very little. Just a thought something to think about.

BTW if you ever do overclock depends on the Processor and its Speed. Dont use the generic fan that came with your processor buy a faster rpm and a bigger/better fan. Cooling the chipset as well get a Chipset fans for your chipset/chipsets. Also think about cooling your whole entire system you dont need to but if you dont like me. You will shorten out the Chipset/Motherboard or even the Processor by running it for months overheated. It's not worth losing your CPU/Motherboard over 100-200more MHz.

Use nice cooling systems really does matter and does make a big difference. Fan Cooled/Water Cooled all types of different types of cooling.

Fact: When you do overclock I prefer a bigger Power Supply now a days I say 300watt would be completely the bare minimum. Sorry if I ramble on and on you can meet up with me in Yahoo In Computer Lobby 2 on voice I'm there daily.

300!!! damn!! that's weak!! I would recommend a 400 watt MINIMUM!! Since i plan on building a dual processor system, go to this site to see how much watts your sys will/is takin:


Also... i would recommend swiftech heatsinks and alpha/delta fans. Or if you want quie fans, look at palimino fans or something like that. but, get swiftech heatsinks, their madd nice

Alpha says: "300!!! damn!! that's weak!! I would recommend a 400 watt MINIMUM!!"

lol so do I for a Dual Processing system when I said 300watt it was for a single Process system not dual. Like I said 300 watt minimum. Thanks for clearing that up Alpha

I got a quick quick question. When you but an Intel processor (and an AMD) OEM, or retail box, does it come with a fan already attached? If not, does it even come with a fan? What are some good fans for a p4 1.9 or and AMD AthXP 1900+? Thanks for the info

Depends man some combos come with Heatsinks and some dont. The ones that do are not the best they just get it going. Me I use Generic Heatsinks I dont do crazy gaming and you know what I mean.

Go to search engines type in Heat Sinks. You will find a bunch of shit I had like 20 links on top of my head I spaced out sorry lol. I dont even know If I answered your question right lol.

the BEST ones are the swiftech ones, their crazy!!! i think the best is something like swiftech mc472 or something, just getting this from da top of my head. Then put an 80mm fan on top of that, and you got a crazy 30 degrees processor.