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I just dl-ed mbm 5 and I am puzzled/worried by some of the readings I get. The reason I got it was cuz my Asus probe made a dramatic shift in cpu temp. It was running at 28 C -cpu and 22 C -Mobo then suddenly it jumped to 44 c and 23 C. with no change on my part.

So mbm 5 did not have the a8v deluxe Rev2, it had the a8v deluxe wireless Edition - i don't know if it makes a difference but that is what I chose.
It shows Case 18 C and cpu 23 C. this is different enough to bother me but the Voltages are way different:

Asus probe reports:
+12v -- 11.855
+ 5v -- 5.16
+3.3c -- 3.36
Vcore -- 1.472

Where as mbm reports:
Core 0 - 1.47
Core 1 - 3.12
+3.3-- 3.36
+5-- 5.16
+12 --16.32
-12 - 0
-5 - 0

Not only are my temps off enough to bother me but the +12 scares me!!

could the a8v deluxe be different enough from the wireless to give readings lke this?

any suggestions?

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