please i have a dell latitude d800 which was send to me by brother from norway, when you booth the pc it give white screen and ask for system password, please if anybody can help me to unlock the system password!

Ask your brother for it. Thats a BIOS (power on) password.

the person who send the laptop to me does not know the password because he got it from a rejected goods so please if anybody can help me to unlock the BIOS password

I've collected these from various other sites.

Input: #5J82X81-595B
By service tag: 7BRO5X0T

Try the backdoor password - Dell

this guy probably stole said laptop and now is trying to find a way to open it up. First he says it was SENT by HIS brother then when asked to ask his brother he immediately says he doesn't know, . The first thing i would do when i got a system like that would do to ask my brother then go online and say " i asked him for it and he doesn't know" but he of course made up a story .

Yep, agreed. I just wanted to see how things panned out .thread locked.

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