Currently I am running:

XFX Motherboard kt-400 w/ 512 mb ram
XFX GeForce-4 ti4200 graphics

When I turn my computer on, it starts fine, all the fans run, all the lights blink in the cd rom and floppy, but the monitor does not respond. The speakers also do no make any noise, and Ive tried this on two monitors and speaker systems now. Anyone know what might be wrong? Is their any way to "safe-boot" or restart the system, in case its something with the settings?

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You can download a copy of Mepis or Knoppix (bootable cd's)

But... If you dont get a POST it isnt in the OS

Were you doing anything else?

Sweet, I just reset the memory by taking out the battery, and now the computer is booting. Little shaky, but getting better with each reboot. Damn I love this machine.

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