Hello there folks. I'd like some advice on what to do about my floppy disk not being listed in my computer. I have recently reformatted and reinstalled XP Pro. I notice that the floppy disk controller is listed in device manager and all is apparently working fine. I don't have the floppy drive listed under 'drives' in device manager.
My post screen flicks by so quickly, I haven't seen whether the floppy is being detected there.
XP doesn't detect any new hardware after running the hardware wizard.
I've found a possible solution:

This behavior is the result of corrupted or incorrect registry entries.

To fix this problem:

1. Copy / Paste the following to a FloppyFilter.reg file:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E980-E325 11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}]

3. Merge the FloppyFilter.reg file with your registry or run regedit /s FloppyFilter.reg. 4. Shutdown and restart your computer

The only problem I have here, is that I'm not sure how to merge the reg file. I'd be really thankful of some advice here please...

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First, I would make sure that my floppy connectors on the back end of the floppy are plugged in correctly...this sounds exactly like an connector being connected backwards. It would register the floppy but you wouldn't be able to use it or list it as a device ready. So, check your connections on the back of your floppy and the motherboard and make sure they are correct.

Next, I'd go into the BIOS for your system and check to make sure that I didn't have the floppy set to anything weird...like dual floppies drives selected or anything other than 1.44. Make sure you have plug and play OS set to no so that the motherboard will automatically configure your hardware setup and pass it on to the operating system.

After that, if things still are messed and you want to merge the .reg file...here's how to do it...drop FloppyFilter.reg into your C:/Windows/System32 directory. Then go to start, run, and type: regedit /s FloppyFilter.reg

That will take care of your merge

You can also simply double-click on the FloppyFilter.reg, and it will ask you if you want to merge it in.

How about once the BIOS and the Cabling is all in right order......try booting off a boot floppy. If that works in DOS but not in windows its definately a registry problem.
I suggest you try this 1st before you go and mess around in the registry.

Thanks a lot everyone. I'll try your suggestions and hopefully that will solve my problem. By the way, I'm very impressed at the quick and efficient responses! Good work people - excellent forum.

See you around...

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