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I tried swapping a formerly working VA-10 Abit to an Emachine T5026 case, when that mobo proved dead except for the light near the PSU connect. Now, when the Abit was in that eMachine case, I used a Compaq S3000Z switch to test, aligning the power terminals, and the case itself. Thing I dislike is Emachine's spongy power button, this one seems cursed. After trying all that, only the board light comes on, same as the 5026 board. (Intel 775)
The VA-10 is a lower spec model AGP8 Socket A board, I swapped a former eMachine CPU into the Abit (2400+)
When I moved that CPU back to a good eMachine FIC board, it didn't power up, so far, it could be I swapped the fan plug around with the Abit heatsink in my HP/Compaq with the AM37 FIC board. IT did power up after not working initially. Needless to say, I have a few computers, it can get confusing, but the Abit is not firing up any more, and to use the T5026 case, I need IEEE1394 and USB headers for the front features, USB, Firewire and mem card reader.

I have three AMD Athlon Socket A chips, starting at 1.3Ghz, that one's still good, then the 2400+ is about 2Ghz IIRC. I think it's fried from this last incident. I believe there is an Abit VA-11 and VA-20, the 20 model has SATA added. AGP8 versus PCI Express for the simple reason, I had bought a nVidia 6200 for AGP8. Hate to hamper it in the AM37's 4x slot. The AM37 has a high rate of failure so in a way, it's surprising this one works still! Someone actually tossed the mobo and case out and I rescued it. Since it is a Compaq S3000Z, can anyone locate a front panel and side panel for this machine?? I didn't see one with it, when I rescued it.