My computer has allways had this problem, it will turn on fine and run with no probelms, then i shutdown the computer, and then it will not turn back on untill it cools down! I have updated my BIOS but that didnt help, it will restart ok aswell, just once its shutdown it has to take hours for it to cool down and turn back on.
Oh and on hot days it will not turn on at all.
Any suggestions?

yes suggestion #1 install a bigger heatsink and fan,install additional fans,install fans everywhere you can in your computer.
Relocate the computer to a cool dry place,that has plenty of airflow.
do not block the power supply airflow,clean out the fan areas(after unplugging the computer).
Install a water cool system.
#1 answer move to Antartica(no joke the colder it is the better for your processor.
also your power supply may be bad over heating and causing your computer from booting up,also your processor may be way too hot it should function safely at about a max of 115 F,

bbigger heatsink+fan, and a case fan or two. replace the thermal paste on the proscessor as well, and double check the thermal cuttout settings in the bios too.

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