Computer Toshiba Tecra 8100 model no. PT810U-229P7 running W2000 O/S

Worked great for past 2 months of daily usage. This morning nothing on screen and no boot. Power is good from both the inverter and from a fully charged battery. CPU fan running and can open cd tray. 2 lights on without battery installed using only external power via inverter and 3 lights with battery installed.

3 months ago I had a failure to boot but did get screen with error message. Solved problem by removing RAM from second mem slot and rebooting. Worked well after that even though a little more slowly until now but don't see anything on the display this time. All dark now on boot attempt. Get one long beep when I close the screen lid which I don't remember hearing before.

Maybe I should go try to reseat the internal ram and see if that helps. Read where some other forum members are having similar problems. Any help appreciated


Can anyone tell me what problems I would expect if the RTC Battery and/or the backup battery went bad? Could this cause the symptoms I have described in the orig post here?

OK, Not much help on this forum.

Fixed my laptop by replacing the RAM Memory.

Disregard my second post with the other questions.

Hi , I have one these too. Try reseating the memory. You may also need to place a thin piece of card between ram and cover. The memory slots on alot a laptops are cr-p, but then again if they made them right they would need to go in for repair so often.

Hope this helps Russ