My friend moved her monitor to another room(HP Pavilion M70 monitor) ever since then her desktop has become distorted and stretched, she swears she never bumped or knocked it.Now it seems her start menu has somehow become hidden on the left of her screen and cannot be retrieved, also any windows she opens are distorted. height is ok just width of he screen desktop seems to be stretched.Also the buttons on her monitor menu don't seem to work now. Her system is Windows ME on a HP Pavilion 6751 PC.. any assistance would be greatly appreciated ty

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Are there any speakers or anything that can resonate magnetism close to the monitor? Is it an LCD or CRT?

nope sorry no speakers and or magnetic source anywhere near the monitor.. ty anyway.. Dwarfie

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Well crud...

Perhaps it is just giving out? Have you tried it in a different computer yet to see if it is just her computer or others? Perhaps it is the refresh rate setting if it is only hers that is afflicted by this?

Just some thoughts...


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