I bought parts from Newegg and assembled a computer... I've done this kind of thing before, and so I'm pretty sure I hooked everything up properly... anyways, the motherboard started on fire when I turned it on, I sent it back and got the replacement today; the computer turns on fine, recognizes RAM, vid card, and IDE drives just fine, but then it turns off at certain points.. since it's a new computer, I think everything could be suspect :(

Anyways, what happens is, when I'm in the BIOS settings and exit it (either with Save and Exit or Don't Save and Exit) or when Windows 98 is booting (during the main booting screen, seems to be sometime before it executes autorun), the computer suddenly turns off without any errors, beeps, warnings, etc.

Specs are:
FOXCONN Socket 478 ATX Motherboard (here)
Intel Celeron D, 2.93 GHz
an old Seagate 6GB hard drive (no real specs on it, this was from the last computer it was in, and it worked fine there)
512 MB Viking DDR RAM (here)
a Sony CD Burner...

anyone had experiences with this kind of thing happening, or any idea of why it's not working? Help would be much appreciated
- Matt

replaced power supply right away if first mother board caught on fire that a big problem plus send cpu in and get a new one more likely it damaged, it happen before to me and een though it post if it shutoff right away cpu transistor are damage which is what cause the motherboard to shutoff and get a antec or decent power supply ones that come in the case isn't any good they got a 50% failure rate in the first 3 month bad odds.

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