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Have Dell Dimension R450 w/ Pentium II and WIN98SE, Trying to connect Sony DCR-PC100 camcorder through SIIG 1394 3-port host adapter to SONIC MyDVD program for direct-to-DVD burn. Device Manager lists the 1394 Bus Controller and, under 'Sound, Video and Game controllers', the 1394 DV camcorder. Clicking on this gives "This device is working properly.." message. Clicking on 'Drivers' under 1394 DV camcorder properties gives message: "No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device. To update the driver files for this device click update drivers." Doing this brings up the Update Device Driver Wizard--Search for a better driver (Recommended). Doing this using the 'Microsoft Windows Update' option yields download of server info and "Do you want to install and run C:\Windows\TEMP\direct.b1?" Yes gives (Wizard): "Windows is now ready to install the best driver...Location of driver: C:\WINDOWS\INF\DVCAM.INF"
RED-X: Insert Disk "Please insert the disk labelled 'Windows 98 Second Edition CD ROM ..." Then (Wizard): "The file 'iyuv_32.dll' on Windows 98SE CD ROM cannot be found." RED-X: Error installing device. "Windows was unable to install the 1394 DV Camcorder driver." (Wizard); 1394 DV Camcorder "Windows encountered an error while trying to install the driver for this device. Error Code 137"

All ports on the 1394 host adapter work with a memory card reader and all show the DV camcorder connection when tried, so apparently no problem there. SONIC MyDVD (and also a Ulead and PictureGear) program(s) all give the message that the DV camcorder cannot be found, check the connection, etc.

I've run out of ideas. Any help anyone can give will be much appreciated. Don Gibson

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