Hi everyone, I need some help pretty badly. :(

I am using:

Mobo: MSI K8M800-CE Socket 754 K8M800 Micro ATX AMD Model # K8MM-V
Video card: MSI Geforce NX6600GT-VTD128
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Newcastle 800Mhz FSB Socket 754
PSU: Antec True 430W
Memory: 2x512 Corsair DDR400 (PC3200)
Harddrive: A 120gb seagate from my last computer

So, here is my month-long journey into fixing my computer:

I set it up *joy*. We boot it up, nothing displays (no post). Restart, it works. Check it out, it works beautifully (benchmarked and all). Reset it to test something, doens't boot up. It works on and off for some awkward reason we can't figure out. Whatever, hopefully this will .. fix itself? I turn it off, take it to my place and turn it on the next morning.

The problem did fix itself. The computer wouldn't display anything on the monitor, even though the computer was running (HD noises/fan, cpu fan, vid card fan).

What the hell? I wonder! Okay, so I'm kind of upset, and I take it to my friends place...

We have no idea what's going on, but we try all sorts of things...

We take out my video card and put it in his computer (boots up.. was it a fluke? I don't know, only tried it once *bonk*) and put his video card in mine (nothing).

We take out the video card from my computer and use onboard video. It works. The BIOS look fine.

So I was pretty much confused at that point.

I RMA it in hopes that my mobo is just broken.

...a month passes.

I get it back *joy*. Set it up, test it out... wait... this is the same motherboard I sent in (as noted by the problem still being there and the sticker that was improperly placed on an onboard device :P). I'm furious now. What the hell! I call MSI and tell them that it's the same one and they reply that they found nothing wrong with it.


So now I'm even more confused.

I pretty much concluded that it wasn't my video card (although I'm about to go back and see if I was wrong. :()

But, today, I was reading through my video card manual and it had something about the power connector that it came with.

...this was new. I just plugged in the power cord from the PSU directly into the video card (as I did with previous computers). The manual read that I had to plug one end of the power connector into the video card and the other ends into PSU power cords. Now, I wasn't sure if they meant both of the other ends (there were two...) so I tried one and it didn't work. I meant to try both, but one was male and the other female, and my PSU only came with female cords (or, at least, I couldn't find any male ones). So, I'm pretty much back at point one.

It's been a month and no one has been able to help me out.

Keep in mind, I have no computer available to test out the motherboard directly...

Let me know what you think, thanks so much.


I'm moving this to the 'Troubleshooting Dead Machines' section, where it rightfully belongs.

I suspect that your biggest problem is that you've hooked up everything in the PC before testing to see that it works, which makes tracking down the source of problems a horrendous task.

Remove everything except the display card and one RAM module. Connect up a monitor and a keyboard and check to see that is displays POST information onscreen. Make sure you've disconnected all wires other than power coming in via the ATX connector, your processor fan, and the front panel connectors for power switch and power LED. Do not leave data or power cables connected to any drives etc. If your display card requires a power connector it MUST be fitted.

Let us know if it doesn't POST in that barebones configuration.

Check cpu, when a cpu goes bad it will sometime work or goes to bios and shut off, or will work ok with no problems at all intill you restart your system and doesn't post happen to me before build alot of systems and had someone bring one back because of this problem replaced cpu burnin system for 48 hours with no problems

I've added a pinned topic at the top of this forum section for people to use when troubleshooting situations like this one.

Hey i had the same problem and i have read the manual on the box or in a book, i plug a connector from power supply to my videocard and that was working but i had not to much power supply and i burn everything i was stupid that i don't change my power supply because geforce nx6600gt needs 350watts power and i had only250 lol now i have neew pc and i vave power supply 400 and works good, you have to see you power supply how much you have if its more than 350its good if not you have tochange. But its better that you wait and buy good pc like with geforce 8800gtx or ultra or even 9000geforce its gonna come soon an hi-end pc.