hi all,

just wondering... my sound card (the 1 thats built into the mb) is making strange hummin noises n stuff, and its really annoying, i wonder if anyone knows how to fix this? or if not then do u kno why it happens? have i done somthing to it? :S me is confused, but its ok though cos i use a pci soundcard instead now (cheap crap one) but hey lol, just a lil question to keep ya busy

Dan :mrgreen:

Did you try uninstalling the unboard sound in device manager and rebooting reinstalling the drivers

yea i did try that, no effect, mabe its sumthin to do with electric flow?, i heard somethin about using tin faoil to solve it but thats rubbish surely, i mean wont it short sumthing?? i remember the guy who told me that.. ah how lost he was...

If I was you I would just turn off the onboard audio in your bios and buy a soundblaster live value or something, they are cheap enough now, and are excellent quality.

You have an onboard sound that is disabled in bios and a plug in pci cheapie sound card. Is there a speaker attached to the onboard sound controller?
If not where is the sound comming from? The built in speaker?
If the buzzing is not from a speaker on the onboard sound, and not comming from the built in speaker and is a chip or device on the motherboard that is buzzing I would back away from the keyboard, way back from the keyboard...
All joking aside...
Built in sound IS disabled in the CMOS?
No Speaker is attached to the onboard sound connector?
The PC Speaker is Not the source of the buzzing?

Just to keep you busy..
Happy Thanksgiving

it is coming out of my speakers, the speakers are plugged in to the onboard sond card on the motherboard (integrated), im buying another soundcard now tho cos i need to buy 1 4 better speakers tht i want too :P