Just replaced mobo because same problem was occuring with other mobo too. My new mobo is ASUS A7V8X-X with and xp2000 chip in it. Can hear HD spinning, and CPU fan is spinning. No beeps when starts up(internal speaker is plugged in correctly). It doesnt even go to the BIOS, just a blank screen. Wondering if it may be my processor, bout 3 years old now. Memory is fine also, works in my friends computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:cheesy:

does the monitor come on? it could be the video card

MOst likely you'll have to "bench build" the system (strip down to power supply, mobo, prc, mem)- take out the mem sticks at least, it should at least give you a beep code for "no memory".
Also consider the video card. Check if the CRT/FP is getting signal when connected to the VGA port.
Check the mobo jumper settings on the new mobo. Check for correct clocking, etc.
Do you utilize a riser card? Check that.

Monitor problems aside I reckon it might be a dead processor. You could try it in another computer or try another porcessor in yours if you can get a loan of one. Let us know what happens

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