I have an old computer Gateway with Windows 98. I took it to my local computer shop to recover the pictures from the computer. They gave me a flash drive with some pictures on it. They didn't find all the pictures on my computer. Some of the pictures on the flash drive were damaged. The computer had other data I want to recover, but they told me they needed to know the file names in order for them to recover. If I did not know the file names, it would be costly.

Is there another option out there where I can recover all my pictures from my old computer? Can I recover all these pictures and they will not be damaged?

did you use any recovery software? some software are really helpful. some free version you will get in internet. I think:confused:you will recover 70% data.

Try downloading " Recuva"

The computer does not boot. The computer is dead.

The computer does not boot. The computer is dead.

you need to remove hard drive and slave it into a working coputer ,eithor by putting it inside the tower or by using a usb external drive case

I think you start this thread before.....................this is twice.....

you can get your data back there are many programs available for that soem you would have to buy and there are the ffree ones. but the most important thing you will bneed is an interface cable with another computer. i am going to asume this is an IDE drive that crash. yo can putchane a usb to IDE cable that comes with power also. connect to your present compuer or a fried computer and run the recovery software. i have personally used get date back and got back evry thing that was on the drive. your woule need the fat version seeing that it was windows 98 installed on the HDD

to better help you, could you post the model number of the Gateway. This will enable us to check on the type of hard drive and the options available to you.

You can definitely get back your lost data from crashed system. Many ways are available there, either you can buy a data recovery software or you can get help via data recovery companies which is provide 100% guarantee to get back safely your lost data.