Hi I have an Acer monitor which has developed a pixel wide green line down the centre of the screen. Can anyone suggest what I can do myself to fix this?
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If you don't know how an LCD monitor works i will try to explain... there are three colors just like a CRT, Red Blue and Green, that are projected onto the screen. In some instances colors will stop working like in your case the red and blue quit and the green stays on. there really is no way to fix this.

ALL companies have a dead pixel policy. If there are more that 5(i think) dead pixels they will replace the monitor(depending on how old it is). in your case there are prolly about 768 dead pixels(depending on the size of the monitor). If it is still under the manufacturer warranty they will replace it.


I have a fine green line on right side of monitor. Is it repairable or is it due to the battery

How could it be related to the battery???


Vertical Green Line

Green Vertical Line.I have 3 Dell S2209W monitors 22" running off a Triplehead2Go Digital and today came along a fine bright green line on screen 3. 3 hours ago it dissapeared, thankfully. Seeing that in this situation I must have matching monitors, I need to resolve this as Dell no longer sells them. There are no drivers available for windows 7. Earlier I diconnected #3 and ran it alone and it did fine. Then it came back (the line) about an hour after reconnecting the screens. Any ideas accepted.

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