Ok, I have now come across something that is really hacking me off. I am not a newbie with computer stuff, I have built many computers but have never come across this problem.

About a week ago I turned on my computer and it start up fine, but froze about the time it got to the XP start up screen. I them proceded to restart and it froze again. I think turned off the power, turned it back on, and it wouldn't start. There is NO POST, no signal going to the monitor, but the fans and things were running.

So my first thought was that it might be my video card since the monitor was not coming up. I took it out and put it in someone elses computer and it works great. Next I took a volt meter and made sure the voltages of my power supply were ok. (they were) I took EVERYTHING off the motherboard except for 1 stick of ram, the processor, and video card. Still nothing worked.

I finally thought that it was the motherboard. Well, I got a new motherboard today, hooked everything up, but it STILL didn't work!!! :mad: I went to a friends computer and pluged it into his monitor and I got nothing. One thing I DID notice though is that the lights on the keybard are not coming on when I turn it on, so I don't think it is getting power.

Anyway, the only thing I can think of is that my processor is to blame. I have never had a processor go out on me, but I want to make sure before I go out and spend lots of $$$ for a new one.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help in anyway!


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Check, double check and recheck the leads plugged in to the motherboard front panel connector. Sometimes even having the power LED lead reversed can stop you from booting.

The only way you're gonna tell if the processor is kaput is to try it in another motherboard, or try another processor in YOUR motherboard!

Dear Macoland,

I too experienced a similar happening. I was online and suddenly my computer rebooted. When it did, it scrambled all my XP start up files. In addition, it would turn off the video card immediately and no signal would go to the monitor. (Sound familiar?) I used the F8 key and the front panel reset button many times and finally got the computer to start, but couldn't get past a portion of the XP start sequence. I spent 2;25 hours on the phone with Microsoft (for free, so thanks goes to them). We got the computer started and all the XP files restored. Unfortunately before I could get Norton to update my credit card so I could new virus signatures, the computer rebooted and I was back at square one.

Now I can't even get it to respond to the windows disk in the cd rom drive or to let me see what is happening on the screen. I bought a new hard drive hoping to replace the old one and get it started, but no dice. A tech support person told me some virus attacks change the bios, and this may have happened. My machine is Proteva Piii 500 mHz with 190 MB ram, so it is not a resource problem. It appears I will have to cut my losses and buy a new machine.

You machine sounds like the same issue. If not, sorry to burden you with my problems.


You might very well have a hardware issue here. I'd do like Catweazle said: Put the processor in another motherboard, and boot it up.

I just had it happen last week a customer had a motherboard go bad, which ended up killing the processor, too. In the end, I had to buy a new motherboard, and processor. But, the motherboard was actually the catalyst that set it all into motion.

Try this one. Jump your cmos to clear, reset and then reboot. It worked for me.

I am having a similar problem. The weird thing in my situation is that when I get a screw driver and touch the pins to start my pc it comes up everytime. but if I hook up all my front anel connectors it won't get a signal anymore so I think it is bad wiring in the box. It really is annoying. Has anone else ever had problems with their actual case?

Well, I lied... My theory is wrong and know my PC is about to drive me up a wall! I have onboard video and when I hit the button (or even do it manually with a screwdriver) every other time it won't send a signal to the monitor. Like I turn it on the monitor just sits there. I turn it off and then turn it back on it comes up fine. I have noticed that sometimes it will show the chip as a 1250 mHZ and other times it will show the correct speed of 2000+ Athlon XP...

Any help is appreciated...

I Currently have the same problem, However i think it must be bad RAM, maybe try returning it and replacing it with new RAM.

My Guess

My computer fell over ever since then nothing.It has power and lights but theres no beep when computer comes on.Nothing but a funny sound when i turn it on.What could it be help !

Hello, I have recently had the same problem trying to revive an old machine. At first, as soon as I would power it on, the fans spin about once and then shut off while the power light would blink continuously and regular intervals. I checked the fan on the back of the PSU, and it was running, but I went ahead and replaced it with on from newegg to be sure. 3 days later and with a new PSU, the computer still will not post, however, the power light went from blinking to a solid light. Because this the case, I promptly checked the processor, which was shockingly seated wrong. I reseated it with the gold arrows pointing in the right direction and applied fresh thermal grease before replacing the heatsink. Now that that has been accomplished, powering on resulted in a full post, however the initialization of the boot process would freeze in random moments, rebooting it self, even while in the bios. This seemed like a memory issue, and so I proceeded to check the ram. This rig is an emachines, and it included 2x 512mb of ram from hynix, rated at 400 mhz and I had previously booted with only one stick in. My first theory was that perhaps the computer needed both sticks as in the stock configuration to work. To my surprise, placing both sticks in resulted in glitches in the screen and even more frequent freezes. Luckily I had several unmarked ram sticks lying around, and proceeded to test them out. One stick from kingston would prevent the computer from posting, resulting in a long pitched beep continually. I next tried a samsung 128mb stick rated at 333mhz, and the computer followed through post and didn't freeze, and completed a test run of an ubuntu live cd with no errors.

Summing matters up, there was something wrong with the PSU in the beginning to cause the power light to blink, even though the fan still ran on it. Next, with the power light fully on, I checked the processor which was seated wrongly by the previous owner which kept the system from posting. With now a full post, I have discovered that the original memory sticks were corrupted, and so replacing them with the correct frequency successfully lead to a revival of a thrown away machine. Further notes: be sure to check the Clear CMOS jumper to see if it has a 2 pin connector over 2 of the 3 pins, and to make sure it is in the correct location. It would also be a good idea to check/replace the CMOS battery before trying to diagnose the processor.

I have done the same to another machine (ironically another emachines..), but while checking the processor, I find that it will still not post. It is a 478 pin cpu, whereby I tried both the stock celeron 1.7ghz and a celeron D 2.5ghz processor, where both would not initiate a post, so in this case I would have to replace the motherboard.

I hope some of these steps I used to diagnose my machines will be able to help some of the many people with computers that will not start. I am gladly going to wal-mart today to purchase another keyboard for this new rig now. Another note, please don't tinker with any delicate components within unless you are confident or are aware of the consequences. It is very thrilling to be able to fix an old computer, but should it be your only computer or have significant value placed within it it is better to take it to a professional. They will be able to better diagnose the situation and give you a more accurate solution to any problem you may face. One must be aware that by trying to do good can inadvertently cause more harm in the end.



I hope this helps, I was having the same problem and I did alot of reading about I got an idea from a web page that recommended sticking your laptop in the freezer. I was a little unsure but I tried it and it actually worked. When I first took it out it still did not start but when I let it thaw about a half hour to fifteen minutes it worked. I let it stay in the freezer about 4 hours, I am not sure that it needs to stay in there that long but it worked great.

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