I changed the RAM in my computer to two 2gb sticks, and when I tried to power up I only got the LED light on the back on the CPU flashing, and the computer won't boot up.
It is a Compaq Presario SR1000.
I have tried removing the RAM and putting the old sticks back in and resetting CMOS. I'm sure I gorunded myself reguarly, however I did work in a carpeted area, my first mistake, and the parts were relatively well handled as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

It is a Compaq Presario SR1000

would also help to have stats on the old and new ram

Take out all the ram, restart the PC, if you get a bios stop error then the PC will still work if you do not et the bios error message, find the CMOS battery and remove it also remove the laptop battery. then reinsert CMOS battery and laptop battery after 48 hour (just to be safe) (still leaving out the memory) then check if you get the bios memory issue.

I'm so sorry I misinformed you. My desktop computer will not turn on at all. Is there anyway to know if i've fried the motherboard?

Does the switch actually do anything? If no fans, no lights etc then the problem is most likely a the power supply / fuse fault!
If you get fans etc then you should get some sort of error or bleep as it tries to start. if this is,the case then the bleeps can help diagnose. very recent machines actually tell you (by sound!) if there is a processor ,fault / mobo fault!


No lights or no fan. How do you test the power supply?

either change it for a known good one or use a volt meter across the output