hi, i recently moved my pc from one room 2 another and when turning on everything began to run as normal for about 5-10 secs bios page ect.. until smoke came from inside and then nothing all went dead, i disconnected lead @ plug then psu. the fuse has blown in the plug, i checked all components visually and cannot see any scorching or disforming. i removed cpu which looked ok aswell as did the mobo?. when i replaced the fuse and tried it again the fuse just blew instantly. i assume the psu has gone and will not try it again, but would trying a new psu with the existing mobo and components harm them if not already?.

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Keep looking, a fuse would not make a puff of smoke normally. Was the smoke from the mobo or psu? Did the fans all turn?

If you don't see anything wrong with the mobo or do find something burned in psu, I would replace it.

Try unplugging every wire coming out of the PSU, replace the fuse and plug it in again. I suspect that there is a direct short inside and it will just blow again. As it is unplugged from any other component it can not harm anything else. If it does not blow the fuse and the fan inside is working then have a look at this youtube video:-
If everything is OK then I would be looking at the mainboard.

Edit:- Checking the PSU this way will not mean that every part of the PSU is OK, it could have other faults.

agrfeed with above, but if all seems OK when everything is disconnected from the Mobo then reconnect one by one and see which if any of the mobo leads causes the psu to blow fuse. A jammed fan, or jammed drive will overload the psu...

agreed but as long as ther is the on/off button connectors connected from switch to mobo (green & white wires norlmally) then it should go!
It may also as you sayneed one other connection fromù PSU to give a resistance etc


Watch the youtube video I asked the OP to watch.....
it complies with the site you gave, it puts a load on the PSU allowing it to start.

thanks for the advice i'll get on with those checks on the you tube vid. i think it may be the mobo aswell as i tried a new psu and still no start up but no blown fuse

Hi again,
A new PSU and the fuse did not blow???? Something was causing the fuse to blow, you change the power supply and .... I can only guess that what was wrong with the power supply caused a fault in the mobo and that is still there. I think its time to let a repair tech look at it and advise you what is required.

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