I am trying to install a 120G IDE hard disk in a computer that currently has an SCSI 10G drive with the o/s on (connected to the SCSI input on the motherboard) and also has a SCSI pci card with a 3 Hard disk RAID connected to it. The problem is that whatever configuration I use, the computer doesn't seem to recognise the IDE drive is there when it boots. Is there something I need to do to make the IDE drive visible?
The 2 IDE DVD drives work fine and I have tried unplugging them and plugging in the IDE hard disk but it still doesn't work.

Any help would be very much appreciated :confused:

Many thanks

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Check the bios ;)

Thinking more, are you sure that the system can even handle a drive that large? Older machines have problems with large format drives.


What specific setting do I need to check on the BIOS?

How do I know if the machine can handle a drive that large. Would the best thing to do be test it with a 10G drive and get that working and then do a straight swap to see if it works?


It's an Intel Pentium III 500mhz processor with 512MB RAM. It's a Gateway server if that helps but I'll have to get the specifics later as it's not mine.


Thanks for the replies. I have now manage to sort it. The motherboard doesn't seem to recognise it at it's full size on boot up which is why I didn't think it had found it before but once it was in windows and formatted it showed up at it's full size and is working fine. :mrgreen:

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