Halloo. There is this computer I came across in my work place that had the floppy drive right but it can't be seen in the computer i.e when you open mycomputer there is nothing like 31/2 floppydrive.I even checked the device manager and its not there too.I haven't opened the case yet to check if the connections are correct.Could it be caused by something else.

I can think of a few things that can cause this.

1: Floppy drive is unplugged inside the case.

2: Floppy drive is not enabled in the BIOS, or has been intentionally disabled by your IT people for increased security.

3: Bad floppy drive.

Hope this helps.

Also try turning the IDE floppy cable around the other way as connected to the floppy side.

vicec64, it's not an IDE floppy cable, it's just a floppy cable. IDE refers to hard disk technology. (Besides a twist at the end, there's also 6 fewer pins on a floppy cable.)

Try this:
Start the computer at the command prompt (booting off a "startup disk" or whatever you call it made in Windows will allow you to do this) and type dir a: and note the results.

To boot back in to windows, simply remove the floppy disk and reboot.

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