I just purchased a very good Logitec webcam (3 weeks old worked fine ) and all of a sudden I have blue and yellow horizontal lines flickering across ruining the picture. I have not cahanged anything other than ms updates... I have tried turning off other peripherals but cannot find the source of the problem- Has anyone else experience this? is there anyone who knows how to correct it?

Does it work on another system? You could very well be looking at a physical problem with the camera, requiring replacement.

Hi Alex - I did take this webcam to a friend this afternoon and it came up with same blue lines on her pc too- but my previous cam had same thing happen nut i had it years until it finally did this....and that is why i renewed it.....
it is strange ,y new cam has worked fine up until last night.... i downloaded some microsoft updates...surely that couldnt have affected it??
Heather (AQUADRAGON) (England)

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