So I've had a linksys router for several months, and we've had two computers hooked up with shaw cable running through it, no problem.

Unfortunately my brother disconnected the router and hooked his computer up directly to the modem while I was away for the weekend, and now that i've hooked everything back up the way it used to be (modem to router, router to two computers), I get a partial connection. partial meaning I'll have an on/off connection that bugs inand out every 15 seconds or so.

i've tried tinkering with the router settings, but I honestly have no idea what to do. Any suggestions or help is gladly welcomed.

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does your router get an IP address? find the tab that has WAN settings and see if the router accutaly got an IP. also check and see when the lease expires! (your brother may have stolen your only IP address! if he did... you have to wait till his lease expires, or get his computer back and connect it directly again... and type in ipconfig/release. however; if the router has an IP address from the WAN side then this is NOT the problem.)

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