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I just picked up a Mustek 1200 UB USB scanner. I downloaded the files needed for installation from the Mustek site and followed and instructions for XP installation. The control panel "Scanners and Cameras" panel shows my scanner installed, and the same in computer properties ---> hardware under image devices.

However, there was no panel provided, so I attempted to use the windows Scanner and Camera wizard, which gives the following error:

"The computer cannot detect the scanner or camera"

I clicked the MUSTEK 1200 UB scanner icon in the control panel's "scanners and cameras panel", and ran the diagnostic test - the scanner does respon and does the test, and I recieve a message notifying me the scanner passed the diagnostic test.

Apparently a lot of other people are having a similar problem, so I do not think the scanner itself is broken (second hand).

Are there are third party scanning programs that support Mustek scanners, or any solutions you can offer?


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Is this device TWAIN compatable? (Probably is if it is USB) You can use any pgm that has TWAIN compatability, such as Paint Shop Pro, etc.

Hi My name is Frank Honu from Ghana/West Africa.

I join Daniweb Just today when I saw your problem and am here to offer you some solution. I'v ben in the IT systems now for 8years
and hope I will contribute immensly to the IT gurus in the world.

You see the 1200 ub mustek scanner was originally mearnt for win 98/me edition but however if you used the windws settings to installed it will not provide you with any panel into which you can scan so what you will do is that

  1. You have to make a direct scan into canaof the applications or softwares you are using. for instnace in Microsoft word you can used the scanner and get the image through the insert manu in the manu bar the select picture then from scanner and camera.

  2. A direct panel will appear so you can preview the image or text and do the settings before you finally scan it.

thank you Please let me know if you have succeded or not

00233 244266017 Frank.

thank you.

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