Lately my Xp monitor has benn having these 5 second blackouts wehre the screen will go black for 5 seconds and then coem pack to the preavius picture. IT will do this three times until the screen goes black for about 30 seconds and then the computer reboots it selft. Th emessage i get when the PC restarts is a critical error has occured and it has something to do with my video card. This happens when i run some video games aswell. My card is a GeForce FX 5600, and i keep up with the drivers from the site. Is the card too old?


I wonder how a card can be too old. If the card was mucked up, you would have seen this from day one. And if video cards are too old, please do not tell my Apple IIe how old it is.... it might agree and go belly up.

My guess is that you might have a driver issue, or perhaps in the BIOS or Windows, you have a sleep thing coming into play. Check to see if your system is trying to go to sleep, and if that is disturbing Windows. I would also see if there is an updated driver out there for your video card.


Alright, thanks for the advice. ITs been okay since i installed the last driver, now i just get this annoying windows installer running everytime i open a program, it says its trying to install professional xp, but i dont have any disks or anything in th etower.

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