My lap top has suddenly decided to display a black screen and nothing else. I'm doing the following:

  • I plug the the power lead in and the power led and battery led both light up.
  • The power button has no effect, can't switch off with this.
  • The hard disk light shows no activity.
  • The fan seems to be working, I'm getting warn air out.
  • I tried booting from disc but the optical drive makes an intermittant spinning noise but nothing happens.
  • I tried getting it to boot in safe mode and also to look at the bios menu but no joy.
  • I can't hear any hard drive noises.
  • Tried booting from a extrenal optical drive but no joy.

So I'm a bit lost on what to do next. The really worrying thing is that the hard drive doesn't show any activity.
Any help appreciated.

I assume you have removed all other external devices. Pull the Hard Drive and try to boot. Let us know what the results are. If you can see the Power On Self Test (POST), You may have problems with the hard drive. Don't jump to any conclusions yet though.

If you need help removing the hard drive, post the Laptop model name & number.

If it does not POST with the hard drive out, we will focus on some other things, but we'll take it one step at a time.

Good Luck

May be your display was gone.You have to take it to technician.Do not take it lightly.

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