Have a Dell inspiron 1501 laptop which was working fine today. I downloaded and tried to install latest Bios update from Dell website, and computer froze. I tried to restart and it won't boot at all. I disconnected battery, unplugged computer and held start button for 30 secs to try and reset laptop.

when i push start button now, i hear fan faintly turn on, and power supply light is green but laptop screen is blank/black. I tried plugging into an external monitor and monitor said "no signal".

Please help!! Thank you in advance.


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Try booting your laptop pressing CTRL and F11 as it boots then restore to as new.
If you have files you need you will have to remove the hard drive, put in another machine and save first.

What was the problem before the BIOS update? Remember the warning that said not to turn off the system durring the update? I know you didn't have a choice about it, but the BIOS update should not be interupted. What it doen't tell you is that you should not attempt a BIOS update if you suspect bad RAM either. Sometimes there is a way to reset to the BIOS, but I have never had to try.

Did you resolve your issue?

If your inspiron 1501 won't even start up (black screen from the time you power it up) do this.

1. Unplug the AC cable
2. Power the pc on with just the battery and leave it there on the black screen for 20-30 min.
3. Shut it down, then power it up again and that should solve the problem (it worked for me).

It could be a mobo/ac/battery problem, who knows.

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