:rolleyes: my gate way gp6-400 is doing some wierd stuff. it has a intel p2 500mhz processor.the frt. hhd & power lites come on & stay on when i plug it in. the floppy won't lite up, & i know for a fact the hhd won't spinup either. no beeps indicated.has external speakers only. also the caps lock & nums lock on the keyboard flsh on & immediatly go out. i bought a power supply tester, & checked it & it passed. i've tried everything in the book like i do when i repair other pcs. i'm wondering if it could be in the bios power settings, but i can't get to it cause the monitor does'nt boot up to system ckecks. it goes to power save. i bought a power supply & it comes in today & i'll try it first before i commit the m/b. its a atx 1 socket. checked the m/b for burnt caps etc. none found i bought cheap from ebay & worked fine. it had a p2 & replaced w/ a p3. pulled everything out down to the m/b. i'm about balled figureing this one out. i repair pc's on the side for friends only. its like a hobby & i love doing it :lol: i have 2 pcs & 2 laptops that work great. i used a kill disk when i changed out an existing hhd. i insalled a 10gig maxtor. tried other hhd i have lying around ,still no such luck. maybe i'll have some luck w/ the new p/s when i get it. iwent to a 300 amp. it had a 200amp in it. the ribbons look ok but don't have any to test it. i hope someone out there can help w/ this problem.

:D well if anyone wants to know i found my problem on my own this may help others for this problem. the power supply was'nt putting out exactly 3.3 volts & it was weak. everything is up & running. when you see the p/s fan is not spinning at a nomal rate at idle replace it. :cool:

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