i have an a8n sli premium board that wont boot. I was overclocking my memory when bios crashed while saving. after that pc wouldent boot. power was flowing as all fans ect started spinning, i can hear the harddrive going through post, its a sata hd

hardware is a8n sli premium
amd 4000 ath 64 939
pny 7800 gtx
corsair xms 512 x2 dual channel
500w ps witch seems to be running the machine fine
maxtor 80gb harddrive running sata and using a sata power connector

i tryed a "barebones" setup, i tryed reseting the bios with jumpers, i tryed the memory in another computer(works fine), i tryed holding the return button down at startup to reset the settings in bios(keyboard doesnt seem to have power flowing to it as none of the num lock, caps, scroll lights light up) I tryed these things in every order/combination possible and my computer still wont boot, screen shows no signal, the first 3 times i tryed to start my system after the bios save failure i heard an audio message saying that my ram timings were off or something it was hard to understand something about memory tho.

please help, and thanks

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clear your RTC RAM buy changing jumper from 1-2 2-3 located where the two bottom pci slots and your sata raid controller. If this doesn't work you ether damaged the ram slot in your motherboard or worst the CPU since AMD uses DDR Controller on the cpu itseft.

mobo still not working... hmm asus boards still should reset the bios values on numerous failed starts.. :( i guess its damaged but im still confused that if its damaged shouldent the red trouble led come on? could this mean my cpu is damaged?

Red Led indicated two video card in system and did not connect Asus EZ plug. Use the same board said in page 2-1. Hopefully you didn't use stock heatsink/fan and use heatpipe or better heatsink fan, or water cooling, if you didn't your cpu is proably damaged. (Have a athlon X2 4800 use stock heatsink which had pipe on it was getting 48c with no load then change it to Zalman ZM-RST1 Water cooling getting 22c no load, and 34c full load. It definly worth it change to water cooling if planing on overclocking or gaming.) As for the cpu AMD have a 3yr warranty they will exchange it so long as no damage can be seen, had done this before with a AMD 64 3400, took them only two weeks.

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